Gain Of Tones - Muse
Gain Of Tones - Muse
1st release 2020-05-22
Gain Of Tones - Mexican Guitars
Gain Of Tones - Mexican Guitars
2nd release 2020-06-05
Gain Of Tones - Desert Backdrop
Gain Of Tones - Desert Backdrop
3rd release 2020-06-19
Gain Of Tones - Jupiter Yeah
Gain Of Tones - Jupiter Yeah
4th release 2020-07-03
Gain Of Tones - Sun Phase Keys
Gain Of Tones - Sun Phase Keys
5th release 2020-07-17
AudioRoom music studio and record label
AudioRoom guitars
AudioRoom music
AudioRoom groove soul
AudioRoom genre
AudioRoom music studio rules
AudioRoom commit recording mixing
AudioRoom no highpass
AudioRoom no autotune
AudioRoom no midi tracks
AudioRoom no beat detective
AudioRoom LA-2A
AudioRoom Jupiter DeepMind
AudioRoom Gain Of Tones
AudioRoom for the music interested
AudioRoom hybrid mixing
Gain Of Tones Gothenburg sound
mixing sound engineer
AudioRoom better sound
Gain Of Tones guitar player
Neumann KM84 microphone
AudioRoom human feel
AudioRoom soulful musician
AudioRoom analog studio
ProTools mixing recording
AudioRoom mixing philosophy
AudioRoom voltage frequency
Gain Of Tones 75 percent perfect
AudioRoom very high quality
AudioRoom musical feel
Fender Amp SM57 Telefunken M81 microphone
AudioRoom studio session
AudioRoom mixing work-flow
AudioRoom gainstage phase
AudioRoom enhance audio tracks
AudioRoom balance level pan
AudioRoom parallel compression
AudioRoom effects fx
AudioRoom automation
AudioRoom 2-bus mixbus
AudioRoom no master needed
Distressor 1176LN compressor
Bricasti M7 M10 reverb